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All promotional discounts are lower than the original price, excluding new products, certain suits and accessories, leather products, including suitcases, belts, clothes and shoes. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts. time is limited. 
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The platform used by this website limits the number of bundle promotions that customers can use at one time, so if multiple bundles are added to the same shopping cart, the correct bundle discount may not be applied correctly. To overcome this limitation, we recommend making two or more purchases so that we can provide customers with all bundled promotions. We hope that the platform restriction issue will be resolved as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Seasonal gift rewards
*Seasonal gift rewards cannot be exchanged for cash; or used to pay for gift certificates or temporary costs or online shipping costs. Seasonal gift rewards are not valid at Sztdutfs Factory Outlet Stores. Seasonal gift rewards cannot be postponed beyond their expiration date and reissued or returned in cash after use. If you fail to redeem your seasonal gift rewards before the stipulated effective date, your reward voucher will be lost, and the value will not be credited and/or refunded. To redeem your gift award online, please enter a number (not a promotional code) in the "Gift Voucher Redemption" section, or show your gift award number at the store’s checkout. If you do not redeem your gift reward at the time of purchase, the value will not be credited and/or refunded.


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